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Grand Old Clock

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We Take Our Time To Repair & Restore Yours

We have been doing this since 1975. We are on our second generation of professional clockmakers.

We are Professional Clock Repair.

We value time, but we know when you have something of value, that has been passed down from generation to generation, quality care becomes top priority

We are unique in more ways than one. We have always been about the quality care of all makes and models of all types of clocks. Cuckoo clocks, and grandfather clocks. Old clocks, and new clocks. Clocks are our passion. 

Our clock working education began over 43 years ago via one of America's leading clockmakers. From there, we practiced our art through seven states, ending up here, in the beautiful community of Sunbury, Ohio. But our expertise and reputation as clock-working masters, travels far and wide...perhaps, even through time and space. Our story sounds as whimsical as our art may seem, but we take our work very seriously which is why you have come to us now. 

Bring us your clock. Tell us your story. We will give you our free estimate.

But let's not waste time, call now, and we will repair and restore your precious time piece, and have it back in your care as soon as possible.

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